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EpaCAD is a free software which easily converts an AUTOCAD file into an EPANET one, EPANET is the most widely used free software for simulation of pressurized water networks. EPACAD is able to automatically import the main properties of elements, largely providing the required information to build a network.

Autocad/Epacad link
EPACAD can upload a .dxf exported from AUTOCAD. You will only have to select the layer (or layers) containing the pipes of your hydraulic model to start building your network. As other programs, you needn?t change your AUTOCAD file.
Coordinates Interpretation (X,Y,Z)
EPACAD is able to read X, Y coordinates of AUTOCAD files and also elevation of nodes (which are the ones describing your pipeline). So, you will get real lengths of your pipes and a reference of the current location of your items.
Type of lines recognized by EPACAD
No matter how you draw your pipes in AUTOCAD, EPACAD reads both lines and polylines. Moreover, You can also create two nodes per line (regarding to initial and final node of the pipe) or, considering all the intermediate vertices of the latter in order to edit them later using EPANET.
Connectivity Solutions
One of the most common problems deals with the connection between pipes issues (due to the inaccuracy in the AUTOCAD files). So, we have developed a useful tool that enables you to automatically solve the connectivity between elements, just setting the allowed distance between independent elements.
Network preview
Before exporting your results to EPANET, you will find a preview of the scenario. There will be some visualization tools to help you to identify small details. This tool will save your time as you can validate your results before final creation of your network.
Create your network is as simple as pressing a button. This action can also open your network in EPANET. Check that EPACAD read the main data of your items, but not diameters, reservoirs or demands that you will have to add it later.

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